Spit or Swallow -  ongoing since 2016

Series of mix media works based on photographic medium combining hand crafted gelatin silver prints and hand crafted c-type prints with mass recycled produced toys, frames from thrift shops, found wood ( and other, recycled,  materials).

[...]‘she was just another girl on Tinder. I didn’t treat her like a real person. She was just a series of images and text messages. I guess I said all those things, because none of it seemed real.’ [...]
(Tinder user)


                 "Carla, you have gorgeous blue eyes", 2016 - gelatin silver print, acrylic paint

For those unaware of Tinder, let me initiate you. It's an app you can download on your smart phone and track down other Tindering individuals in your area. It's a contest in which you judge people (as attractive or not), with a swipe of your finger to either the right or the left respectively. Doesn't it seem disrespectful and superficial?

There are hundreds of women, about whom “the swiper” knows next to nothing yet snap-appraise them with a single swipe. It’s an addictive, instant gratification of the technosexual era hence Tinder based relationships tend to be short-term, shallow and mainly sex/body orientated.

Tinder is not about personalities - everyone sees each other as faceless virtual being, real human interaction is in most cases impossible. Many consider the app as convenient fast sex hookup, without any string attached. Some cannot even recollect the face of the person who they were dating merely a day before. It was “one of many”.

Series “Spit or Swallow” combines real chat up dialogue from Tinder accounts (used as titles of the works such as faceless portrait of a girl titled “Carla you have gorgeous blue eyes” ). Pieces are reversible, back side often depicting the face while the main, front side shows faceless parts of the body of the person portrayed.


               "I texted him and he almost texted me back", 2016 - latex, canvas, wood, gelatin silver print



                              “Roses are red, so are your lips, so sit on my face and wiggle your hips" ,2016
                                    - gelatine silver print on recycled wood, acrylic                                    


                 "Carla, you have gorgeous blue eyes", 2016 - gelatin silver print, mixed media, recycled wood





     “Sit on my face and I will eat way to your heart”, hand coloured gelatin silver print, vinyl.


                                “buy 2 get 3rd free", 2016 - LED screen inserted in canvas, gif, gelatin silver print