Phenomena of False memories, 2015-2016 

project long listed for ING x UNSEEN Talent Award 2016

“The photograph seems to offer the possibility of creating a permanent memory- image; but it is this same durability that destines the photographic image to eclipse the original memory. The photograph, unlike the actual memory-image of a past event, can imprint itself on our memories again and again, without any diminution of its vividness. Thus we turn to our collections of photographs in order to re-live the memory of an event, but every time we do so, we further the process whereby these photographic images themselves come to be implanted in memory [...]"

(Catherine Keenan. “On the Relationship Between Personal Photographs and Individual Memory.”)


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The photo - objects are made of mass produced toys and recycled building waste as a base for hand printed analogue photographs and the 3D construction is a response to current obsession with (2D) computer and smart phone screen and short attention spam towards images.
In a culture of speed-dating, quick fixes, fast food and increasing incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder being effect of civilization that prefers those who can synchronously email/tweet/chat/Skype … an affluence of data creates a deficiency of attention.
The 3D construction of the photograph interferes with human perception and forces the viewer to look longer and repeatedly rediscover the image.
Contemplating upon my inability – to recollect a specific event or faces and imagining how memory will likely descent I have become building the objects based on my observation of reminiscences. How they are likely to be disfigured, misplaced, pieces of puzzles missing and reappearing again.
Although time can be frozen in a photograph, I wanted to emphasis that image is not truly indicative of one’s perception or capacity to remember and in order to do so it should be modified.
Altered photographs have ability to modify a memory or stimulate new inaccurate impressions.
The separation and displacement of imagery explores notions of displacement and belonging and also suggesting a sense of movement, the viewers are encouraged to enter the image and create their own experience and assign new connotations.