I want what she's having - 2016


Social media play a big part in constructing our perception of what’s in vogue, who’s successful and what’s desirable. Human interactions are being mediated, led by the fear of how others perceive us. We are concerned about the ‘I’, about the carefully managed image we present to others. We concern ourselves with how our lives will be judged by others instead of just living them. Life is being less directly experienced. Social media give us a world where failures can be masked by exaggerated displays of fanciful successes. 

“All that was once directly lived has become mere representation.” (Debord). 

Dreaming alone in hyperreality is infinitely more pleasurable than struggling to succeed in real life. Social media are based in isolation. Real life is awkward and mundane while hyperreality makes human relationships tidy and keeps existence more in line with our ideals.

“I want what she’s having”, 2016 is a series of 3D photo-objects as well as series of C-prints, photographs taken of 3D objects created from found and recycled materials (wood, paint and plaster) and deformed analogue photographs of fashion models from commercial editorials. C-prints reverse the photo sculptures back to 2-dimensionality creating additional optic illusion and permanently disfiguring the bodies. The sculptural pieces create isolated, dysmorphic shapes. Unattractive beings that are a travesty of beautified cybernated reality, in contradiction to the thousands of Instagram accounts where you can only see people’s “good side” in a never-ending stream of Selfies. The 3D formula of the initial installation (created to oppose the 2-dimentionality of the screen) has been reshot again as a representation (image of the image of the image).